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Technical Security Countermeasures


The manner in which the TSCM survey is conducted and the equipment used, will of course vary immensely dependent on each clients specific needs gathered following our initial consultation, each task is then awarded a  specific project manager who will design and implement the client’s survey needs. Each specialist team will then  instigate a survey using but not limited to some of the equipment listed below.

  • Multi meters for general measurements of power supplies and device components.
  • Time-domain reflectometer (TDR) for testing the integrity of copper telephone lines and other communication cables.
  • Frequency scanner with a range of antennas and filters for checking the electromagnetic spectrum for signals that should  not be there.
  • Oscilloscope for visualisation of signals.
  • Spectrum analyser and vector signal analyser for more advanced analysis of threatening and non threatening RF signals.
  • Nonlinear junction detector (NLJD) for detection of components associated with hidden eaves dropping devices.
  • Portable x-ray machine for checking the inside of objects and walls.
  • Computer security devices and tools for computer-related threats.

Tools for manual disassembling of objects and walls in order to visually check their content. This is the most important, most laborious, least glamorous and hence most neglected part of a check.
Thermal imaging helps find hot spots and areas higher in temperature than the ambient area temperature. This helps locate heat generated from active electronic components.