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CCTV Installation

Subrosa applies the same meticulous planning to CCTV projects as it does to any specialised security undertaking. Unfortunately many CCTV installation companies look at projects from a technical view point only, forgetting the systems primary roles.To deter criminal activity, and to ensure a safe home or working environment.

For this reason and applying the rigorous standards of BS8418 our managers and engineers, are able to provide a total security solution from the ground up. This solution is based on the perimeter ring model,This tried and tested methodology ensures that as one ring of security is breached another automatically takes its place. For example the disablement of a single camera would lead to other cameras automatically moving there attention to the disabled or failed unit at the same time displaying warning status to a monitoring station.

For further details, and specific quotations please use the contact form provided and one of our Managers will contact you at your convenience.